Simon Spalding is a versatile and experienced dance teacher, caller, and musician. He has served in all three capacities at historical sites, museums, Civil War reenactments, Renaissance Festivals, Scottish castles, English manor houses, Polish dance halls, and even aboard a schooner crossing the North Atlantic.

Historical Dance

Simon teaches English Country Dances of the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries, playing the violin as he prompts the dances. He can perform in historical clothing of these periods if desired. Simon also teaches historical dances from Scotland, Ireland, Brittany, and Wales.

Contra Dance

Simon is much in demand as a Contra caller. His repertoire includes standards such as “A Nice Combination” and “Roll in the Hey”, as well as unusual modern contra dances such as “Dancing Ants” and “Flirtation Reel”. Simon sometimes composes contra dances for special occasions, such as “A Titanic Disaster” and “Easter Saturday”. Simon also knows a number of Contra dance “oldies” from the 1940’s and 1950’s.

Simon performs frequently as a contra dance musician. He plays for dances both as a solo or replacement fiddler; and with his dance band Charley Horse. Simon often plays for Irish and Scottish dancing as well.